Lots of Martians

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Price: FREE (Limited Time)         Rating: 5/5

5 Martians make it to Mars… One of them is sick. Can you colonize Mars with a plague going around?

UEG Productions’ STEM EDITION: $4.99 – 80% of all purchases go to STEM programs. (Coming late 2020)

Pike Towers (DEMO)

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Price: FREE (Demo)        Rating: 4/5

Smash… Crash… Swing your way through Pike Towers!

Fro Fro's Adventures

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Price: FREE         Rating: 5/5

Fro Fro is an Arctic rabbit. She finds herself dashing around the universe in search of one thing: green orbs. Why? She is a rabbit… Rabbits love green orbs.

Spearited (Coming Soon)

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Price: $4.99         Rating: UNKNOWN

Play as Sarah, a girl who finds a spear in a cave after stumbling upon a cave full of spirits that either guide her, or lead her to certain death.