8-Directional Movement in gamemaker studio

Let’s look at making a character move in 8 directions!


					var _left = keyboard_check(vk_left);
var _right = keyboard_check(vk_right);
var _up = keyboard_check(vk_up);
var _down = keyboard_check(vk_down);
var _hspd = _right - _left;
var _vspd = _down - _up;


					var _left = keyboard_check(ord("A"));
var _right = keyboard_check(ord("D"));
var _up = keyboard_check(ord("W"));
var _down = keyboard_check(ord("S"));
var _hspd = _right - _left;
var _vspd = _down - _up;

Choose one of the two options.

The first option uses [ARROW KEYS] and the second option uses [WASD]


					if (_hspd != 0 || _vspd != 0)
    var _spd = 4;
    var _dir = point_direction(0, 0, _hspd, _yspd);
    var _xadd = lengthdir_x(_spd, _dir);
    var _yadd = lengthdir_y(_spd, _dir);
    x = x + _xadd;
    y = y + _yadd;

After adding the following code to your player in the room editor, you can now move your player!


For a more in-depth tutorial, click HERE.


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