When is the next Spearited update?

We are working constantly on new improvements to the game and we are excited to share the great news that one of the final public playtest will be available very shortly.

We plan on releasing this update by the first of June!

This update can be found on the games page where you can pre-order the game today!

Update trailer

Before the update, we will be releasing a bit of a teaser trailer. This trailer will premiere shortly before the launch of the new update.

Is this the last version?

Slow down there! While this is going to be the last public playtest version, there will be more chances to play for free until the full release!

We plan to release a few demos of the game on the pre-order page. These demos will let you play a few select levels from Spearited to allow you to look before you purchase.

We are getting very close to being able to fully finish the game.

So, what needs to be done? Levels. Tons of levels! Our goal is to have over 100 unique levels with exciting mechanics. Our vision for this game is huge, but we are getting things done slowly.

Thanks for all of the support! We can’t wait to hear your opinions of the next update!

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