Hair Physics in Spearited

Let’s take a brief look at the current hair physics we have for our game Spearited!

How it works

Sarah’s hair does not use any sort of built-in physics engine. In fact, nothing in the game does. The hair is created by piecing together 3 px by 1 px sprites. These sprites all form a line. Each individual piece will react to the actions of the piece above it. 

Since we just love customization, Sarah’s hair can be manipulated in the following ways:

  • color
  • width
  • length
  • weight

Many levels will have a different effect on her hair! Let’s take a look at how Sarah’s hair interacts with different things!


Once in the water, Sarah’s hair will react accordingly. It moves very slowly and gravity is very low.


Sarah’s hair will react to the wind. This effect is achieved by making the hair have a force applied to it depending on the severity of the wind!

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