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Spearited Summary – March

Happy April everyone! March is officially over and we are moving on to a new month of changes.

What did I accomplish in the month of March?

  • Bug fixes
  • Audio improvements
  • Character redesigns
  • Story improvement
  • Cats and better enemy AI
  • New levels

The month of March wasn’t as productive as I would’ve hoped. To simply put it, there wasn’t much motivation or ideas surrounding the game. I do, however, have a lot of hope for this month. Here are a few ideas that have to improve the state of the game and to get closer to release:

  • Better combat
  • Smoother animations
  • New levels
  • Better dialogue
  • Spear redesign!

The whole month of April will focus on making the spear in Spearited actually make sense. The spear used to function as a platforming tool to hang from spaces and to gain a boost but with Sarah’s already wide range of movement, there is no use for such a mechanic. Recently I have repurposed the spear to be used for combat. The combat right now is sloppy. The hits don’t feel juicy and the spear seems like it’s just a boring old spear. This is where the idea of elements comes in. Elemental powers obtained through elemental dream crystals will give the spear an elemental boost that will make levels more challenging. New puzzles can be made and harder enemies can be created.

Stay tuned for future updates and videos!

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