Career Plan

Game Development

Azazel McCloud

The classes I will need to take in order to approach this career are the classes associated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Mathematics is a core class to understand complex problems. My major would be in computer science.Many universities support game design. Full Sail University has a great game design program. GPA and SAT scores don’t matter as much, but the recommended scores for the SAT is average or above and GPA should also be average or above. Game development can be done solo, with a team, or for a triple-a company. If I applied for the company, I would be able to arrange an internship. For aspiring developers to be hired by a company they would need to attend graduate school. Since becoming a game developer can be done by any one at any age (if you are an indie developer). A bachelor’s degree in computer science is usually required to work for a triple-a game company. Since the video game industry has been increasing, the average salary for an indie (solo) developer is about $80,000 and the average salary for a developer working for a company ranges from $50,000 to $150,000.

Myers Briggs Personality Test

After taking the Myers Briggs personality test, I found out that it reflected who I am. My personality type is an advocate. I agree with this test because it reflects my personality perfectly. My personality would fit perfectly with my career plan. This is because game development requires imagination, skill, passion, and intelligence. I believe this test explained my social personality very well. My personality means that I am somewhat introverted and I am intuitive. It also means that I am able to argue my point well, and that I have a deep understanding of others and their emotions.