Game Jams

UEG Productions Monthly Game Jam #1


Joining the discord is required to communicate, find teams, and share your progress. You can join HERE                                                                                      

( – Discord Link



The UEG Productions Monthly Jam is a game jam hosted every month. This game jam will have 1 theme that participants must make their game around.  After participants make their game, they must submit it for it to be rated by fellow participants and judges.



  • Any game engine (GMS2, Unity, Godot, Scratch, PowerPoint).
  • pre-made engines (platformer engines, etc.) are allowed.
  •  Blood and gore is allowed no nsfw.
  • Teams are allowed. A special discord channel will be made for finding teams.
  • Projects that are pre-made cannot be submitted to the jam.
  • Pre-made assets from marketplaces/engine stores are allowed.
  • Try to make your project as original as possible.
  •  Credit anyone that you used music/code from.
  • It is OK to use copyright free music ( just credit if possible.
  • Text based games are allowed.
  • Judges can participate but cannot win.
  • DO NOT rate other projects poorly just so you look better (it’s not nice)
  • More rules are on the discord server!



After the jam, there will be a short voting period. Only submitters and contributors can vote. Games are ranked on the following criteria:

  • Use of Themes
  • Gameplay
  • Overall Execution
  •  Juice (Please see video below)

Jammers who place in the top 5 overall will receive a special discord role!