Azazel McCloud


Hello, I am Azazel McCloud. I am a lead indie game developer for UEG Productions. I am a collegiate student at the college I attend in Florida. I work as an IT technician for a small IT business. I plan to go into the field of cyber security. I hope to attend the US Air force Academy once I graduate. I am very passionate about video game design and I have made over 5 indie games of different types. I have been programming for years and I have made many projects. I have done projects from algebra calculators to game engines. I am from Ohio and I moved to Florida when I was 8. My hobbies include game design and digital art/music. I am interested in robotics and I have participated in a robotics competition and I won first place.

I love to volunteer whenever I get the chance. I have hundreds of volunteer hours through my local recreational center and through the Civil Air Patrol. At the rec center, I was a counselor and I got to help with a summer camp. In the Civil Air Patrol I am an IT officer, I am also a CyberPatriot team captain. I help with any IT related problems at the squadron.

Preparing to fly a Cessna 172

I have over 6 years of game development experience. I have been programming since I was 9 years old and I have experience in many programming languages including C, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, and more. I have been working as an IT tech for about a year.

Feel free to contact me about my website, what I do, or who I am!

Email: azazel@uegproductions.com


"If you can't make it good, at least make it look good"

Bill Gates