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Azazel McCloud

Indie game developer / College student

About Me

Hello! I’m Azazel. I am in SPC’s collegiate program. I will graduate this year with my Associate’s and my high school diploma. I work a part-time job while I attend school. I also work for the family business as an IT technician. I’ve helped seniors and small companies with computer and network systems. I volunteered with the Civil Air Patrol, where I served as team captain for their CyberPatriot team where we achieved platinum tier.  While in CAP, I was the cadet IT officer. My role was to educate others on computers and technology and to maintain the squadron’s network and other electronics. I also volunteered as a counselor at my local rec center. I spent the time organizing field trips, planning activities, and being a positive role model for children. I have always had an interest in computers and other electronics since I was young and plan to pursue a career where I can do what I love.

Currently, I am working towards a degree in computer science. Since I was young, I have wondered how video games worked. I learned multiple programming languages and learned how to create art and music. Game design helped me even learn marketing and running a business. In the future, I plan to continue this path and become more proficient in the field. 

Since I live in Florida, I like going out on the water. Kayaking, boating, fishing, and paddleboarding have always been my favorite activities. When I’m not outside, I am learning new skills or creating something. I’ve learned multiple instruments such as piano and guitar. I have also learned digital art, music, and software development.