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Project Files

A collection of project files I have released for GameMaker Studio 2. All projects are fully commented with easy-to-understand code. Project files are updated to be current with each new version of GameMaker.

UEG's Weather Engine

Advanced Weather System for GMS2

UEG's Top Down RPG Engine

TDRPG Engine for GMS2

UEG's Run n' Slash Engine

2 Button Controlled Autorun Engine for GMS2

UEG's Ghost Game Engine

Ghost Themed Platformer for GMS2

UEG's Platformer Engine

Platformer Engine for GMS2

UEG's Top Down Shooter Engine

TDS Engine for GMS2

UEG's Match 3 Engine

Popular Match 3 Game Engine for GMS2

UEG's ChatGPT Implementation

Ai implementation in GameMaker using OpenAI