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Age: 16 | Height: 5′ 3″ | Gender: Female | Element: Ice | Status: Alive

After the death of her father, Sarah and her mother moved to district 9. Her mother, a raging alcoholic, goes out often. Leaving 16-year-old Sarah alone for weeks and even months at a time. At the age of 14, Sarah was diagnosed will an unknown condition that forces her to stay in bed and sleep. She only ever wakes up to take the medication she’s been prescribed. Sarah possesses the element of ice. Her personal dream world is in the mountains she used to visit with her father before his passing.


Age: 13 | Height: 5′ 1″ | Gender: Female | Element: N/A | Status: Deceased

A young girl who was murdered by a nightmare. After her death, Lily was resurrected to be used by the nightmares to lure victims. Lily is one of the main antagonists, trying to kill and consume Sarah and the other Seishins. Lily used to be a sweet girl with parents who adored her. After her death, both committed suicide as they could not bear to live without their precious child.


Age: 19 | Height: 6′ 4″ | Gender: Male | Element: Light/Electricity | Status: Alive

Trapped inside of the dream world, Rai recruits those who face danger from nightmares. He saves Sarah from death by killing Lily’s nightmare form. Rai joined the Seishin Chitsujo at the age of 14 when he met a member in the dream world. The Seishin Chitsujo (meaning Spirit Order) is a group of individuals with intense training whose sole purpose is to rid the dream world of nightmares.

“He is always running off only to return blood-soaked and tired. I yearn to learn what the man is like beyond bloodshed.” – Mizuchi


Age: 17 | Height: 5′ 9″ | Gender: Female | Element: Water | Status: Unknown

Mizuchi watched her sisters die of an attack from a nightmare. Rai led Mizuchi to a safe place far from harm’s reach. A giant ice cave. While she does not explore it, she will stand by a body of water watching her reflection for hours at a time. After training herself in secret, Mizutchi joined the Seishin Chitsujo with Rai to defeat the nightmare who killed her family. Mizuchi has a hard time making friends.

Notable Attacks:

Mizuchi can create water illusions of herself capable of attacking opponents. Mizuchi can also create a water dragon to hone in on opponents.

“Her hair flows like water. Her eyes never blink, telling a million stories. One could only imagine the thoughts she might conjure in her head.” – Rai


Age: 23 | Height: 5′ 11″ | Gender: Female | Element: Unknown | Status: Unknown

Little is known about Sarnai’s childhood. Some Seishin believe she was born in the dream world. At age 17 Sarnai formed the Seishin Chitusjo. She recruited members who faced loss at the hands of nightmares. Though formal and calm, Sarnai is able to defeat nearly any enemy with a single slash.